Alby Lightning Accounts Go Invite-only in a Bid to Encourage Self-Custody

“The bitcoin ecosystem is growing quickly. The surge in interest from new users and the development of new apps surpass our initial expectations. This momentum is incredibly exciting and bodes well for a flourishing bitcoin app ecosystem.””To deliver on our value proposition for our current users and partners, Alby is currently invite-only. New users need an invite code to sign up for an account. The Alby browser extension is available to everybody without restrictions as before.”How to get an invite code? “Invite codes are handed out to users and partners which share the same vision and support us on building Alby. Please leave your email address here.””We also keep serving all our existing users and partners that have been trusting us from the beginning. Don’t be surprised if you’ll see improvements and new features soon.”

In related news, Alby has recently updated its limits for its existing Lightning accounts:

Invoice limits: 500,000 sats (~$214) is the limit to the amount you can receive per transaction.Volume: 5,000,000 sats (~$2,140) is the limit for incoming and outgoing transactions each over a rolling window of 7 days.Balance: 1,000,000 sats (~$428) is the new maximum balance your account can hold at any one time.

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