Alby Launches Nostr Wallet Connect, Now Available on Umbrel

“Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) allows users to import their existing bitcoin lightning wallets into apps.””Developers can offer one-click or even automated bitcoin payments with just a few lines of code.””Alongside the OAuth2 Wallet API, Alby’s JavaScript based SDK now also includes the Nostr Wallet Connect API, which exchanges payment requests and lightning invoices securely over the Nostr protocol.””The dedicated Alby relay ensures that payments and messages are not published but reliably send to the receiver. Apps are able to conduct payments on the user’s behalf depending on permissions given by the user and receive a preimage back for confirmation.””We are extremely excited to announce a new Umbrel app that is based on NWC.””By using Alby and specifically NWC, users will be able to pair their Umbrel node to any app and operate in a seamless and sovereign way. No more jumping from one app to the other, constantly scanning QR codes, or giving up your privacy by using third-party nodes.””Install the Nostr Wallet Connect app on your Umbrel, connect it to an app and enjoy non-custodial one-click payments in any app.”

How to connect your Umbrel node

“Add the Alby App store as a community Umbrel app store by clicking the button in the top right corner in the Umbrel app store.”

2. “Install the Nostr Wallet Connect app from the Alby App Store.”

3. “Create a session, give it a name and reveal the secret QR code.”

4. “Connect Amethyst: In Amethyst, long press the Zap icon and scan the QR code that you generated in the previous step by clicking on the little QR code icon.”

4. “Save the wallet configuration in Amethyst and start zapping directly from your own node.”

“If you have any questions or are looking to implement NWC yourself, feel free to reach out.”

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