Alby Extension v3.5.0: Firefox Mobile Support, Liquid Web Wallet Bounty

“New Alby Extension update (v3.5) brings mobile support – for the Firefox browser (so far Android-only),” announced Alby.”We’re happy to announce a 2.1 mln sats (~$880) bounty in collaboration with Blockstream for building a Liquid web wallet that could be used with Alby. It can be a new wallet or it can be build upon louisinger’s web wallet, which is open-source.””Submitted wallet should be a fully functioning Liquid Network wallet, allowing to manage both bitcoin and tokens issued on Liquid, and should be characterized with smooth UX that can be easily used by a variety of users. To find out more details visit our Bounties page where you can also view other active challenges.”

What’s new

Firefox Mobile supportUI improvementsBoostagrams in transaction detailsBlink connector revampImproved nostr signing screens for encrypt / decryptSupport for un-googled browsers

New Contributors

@aljazceru made their first contribution in #2903@openoms made their first contribution in #2887

Full Changelogv3.4.1…v3.5.0

GitHub Repo
Blog Post (Bounty) / Archive

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