Alby Extension v3.4.1: UI Improvements

“In the v3.4.0 release of the Lightning Browser Extension, several noteworthy features and improvements have been introduced.”

This includes:

Overhauled transaction lists & detail views;Added German translations;Various bugfixes & UI improvements.

What’s changed

feat: add on and off calls in webbtc and liquid provider by @pavanjoshi914 in #2811fix: receive another payment button styles by @lujakob in #2820feat: use new info circle icon from bitcoin design icons by @pavanjoshi914 in #2825fix: remove dynamic classes from badges by @reneaaron and @pavanjoshi914 in #2814fix: update keyboard shortcut to mv3 by @reneaaron and @pavanjoshi914 in #2546chore: update react-router-dom by @pavanjoshi914 in #2834feat: use token events to subscribe to the token changes by @pavanjoshi914 in #2830feat: addd user_agent in default request options by @pavanjoshi914 in #2843feat: add de to supported locales by @reneaaron in #2854feat: transaction list revamp by @reneaaron and @pavanjoshi914 in #2744fix: caching getInfo calls by @reneaaron in #2864Fix the small padding issue by @Rithvik-padma in #2836fix: add description to transaction modal, layout fixes by @reneaaron in #2867feat: add preimage to transactions by @reneaaron in #2868feat: write setup guide for firefox for android by @pavanjoshi914 in #2870feat: direct link to bitcoin address by @reneaaron in #2879fix: add y overflow to the modal by @reneaaron in #2880fix: remove bluewallet connection screen by @reneaaron in #2875feat: swap fallbacks by @reneaaron in #2877

Full Changelogv3.3.0…v3.4.0

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