Alby Extension v3.3.0: On-Chain Send & Receive

“This release contains many amazing new features, bug fixes and UI improvements.””For example: it is now possible to send and receive onchain bitcoin by signing with your Alby Master Key. You can try our demo wallet at””This is possible with the new Alby window.webbtc provider API.””We have improved control over site access by splitting permissions for different providers such as nostr and webLN – therefore you know exactly what functionality you are enabling for the site.””We’ve improved Login with Lightning so now that if you don’t have a master key yet, you’ll be guided on how to set one up.””We’ve improved the UX for paying HOLD invoices, and added a new method to our extension APIs to check whether providers have been enabled in the past or not without having to launch a popup.””There are also many bug fixes and updated translations!”

What’s changed

feat: signPSBT by @rolznz in #2746feat: set allowance per provider by @pavanjoshi914 in #2776feat: add isEnabled provider method, which returns provider was ever enabled by @pavanjoshi914 in #2753feat: lnurl-auth onboarding by @pavanjoshi914 in #2754feat: add webln sendPaymentAsync by @rolznz in #2794fix: improve QR code readability for different wallets by @reneaaron in #2804fix: update msw depedency by @bumi in #2780fix: use webbtc enable screen for webbtc provider by @pavanjoshi914 in #2782fix: made the QR code scannable for even shorter lightning addresses by @Rithvik-padma in #2785chore: prompt for oauth credentials during build by @bumi in #2783fix: add validation to the account name input field by @Rithvik-padma in #2790fix: Align the create invoice button at the bottom of the screen by @Rithvik-padma in #2796

Full Changelogv3.2.1…v3.3.0

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