Alby Extension v3.2.1: Onchain Swaps, Bug Fixes, UI Improvements

“This release contains many amazing new features, bug and security fixes and beautiful UI improvements.””It is now possible to do onchain swaps and send payments to onchain addresses using directly from with in the Extension.””The injection of the window.nostr and window.webln providers has been greatly improved and is now faster. This makes it easier and faster for web apps to detect if a provider is present.””Also Alby can now handle parallel calls to those providers using an internal queue (no more “call is already executing” errors for developers of nostr apps o/).””Alby now no longer checks the LNURL description hash in order to make the LNURL pay spec update possible.””The allowance views have been completely updated with much more useful information.v3.2.1 also includes a a bugfix in the Liquid get address screen.

Earlier update v3.1.0 also included the following updates:

“Every user is now able to sign transaction on the Liquid Network – a Bitcoin layer-2 with smart contract capability –  and pay with bitcoin over the lightning network.””Web apps are now able to ask users for the wallet balance and display it in their app.”

Notable changes

feat: onchain swaps by @reneaaron in #2514feat: add promise queues for providers by @reneaaron @pavanjoshi914 e.g. in #2679feat: fast provider injection 🔥 by @reneaaron @pavanjoshi914 e.g. in #2691feat: implement allowances and sites pages UX/UI improvements by @GabrielSoga in #2617feat: new receive ui by @reneaaron in #2722feat: add lightning address to homescreen by @reneaaron in #2739feat: remove lnurl-pay description hash check by @bumi in #2700feat: remember permissions by default by @reneaaron in #2704feat: add logo to prompt header by @reneaaron in #2640feat: provider onboard by @pavanjoshi914 in #2701feat: new toasts by @reneaaron in #2729feat: webln:enabled event by @pavanjoshi914 in #2732feat: send account changed message to all the valid tabs which has receiving end by @pavanjoshi914 in #2748security: additionally check message origin by @bumi in #2736fix: show nsec format in nostr settings page by @rolznz in #2743fix: remove setInterval, focus window by @reneaaron in #2695fix: prompt layout by @reneaaron in #2703fix: webln request supported methods check by @rolznz in #2740fix: use comment if available for alby invoices by @reneaaron in #2738fix: set unique keys for routes by @im-adithya in #2593fix: add the account name to prompt by @reneaaron in #2645fix: remove obsolete activetab permission by @reneaaron in #2714fix: zeus link in translations by @reneaaron in #2725fix: shift the buttons to the bottom in LNURLpay screen view by @Rithvik-padma in #2742fix: disable the checkbox for budget control during payments by @Rithvik-padma in #2731fix: Updated “Bitcoin Beach Wallet” connector by @AdarshRawat1 in #2655fix: change the styling for the galoy connector screen in dark theme mode by @Rithvik-padma in #2760fix: validate the nostr private key only while saving by @Rithvik-padma in #2769

New Contributors

@GabrielSoga made their first contribution in #2617@Rithvik-padma made their first contribution in #2742

Full Changelog: v3.1.1…v3.2.0

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