Alby Extension v3.0.0: Mnemonic Master Seed For Bitcoin, Nostr and LNURL-auth Keys

“Alby Browser Extension v3, Spiral Aurora over Icelandic Divide has arrived.””This release greatly improves key management and allows you to personalize your Alby Account.””Introduction of a Master key: As a user, you now have a Master key from which you are able to derive your private keys for Nostr, on-chain bitcoin, Lightning login (LNURL-auth). This also includes a recovery phrase which makes backups a lot easier.””Personalization of the Alby Account: The new Alby Account connector allows you to personalize the browser extension by showing your own lightning address, your avatar from your personal Alby page and much more in the future.””Login with lightning changes: We can now tie the login with lightning via LNURL-auth to a private key. This guide about how to migrate the login into 3rd party apps to the new Alby Account connector has you covered.”

What’s new

Introduce mnemonic master seed to derive nostr and lnurl keys.Use Alby OAuth connector for easier and faster setup.

What’s Changed

test: add test code for DefaultView by @qqqzhch in #2160feat: add receive via bitcoin address button by @pavanjoshi914 in #2494fix: remove shadow from DualCurrencyField by @dylancom in #2520feat: add companion download link in addAccount prompt by @reneaaron in #2515feat: show nav on md and improve spacing by @dylancom in #2519fix: improved validation with latest nostr-tools validateEvent by @mquasar in #2505Feat: new tab styles by @rolznz in #2472feat: mnemonic by @reneaaron in #2338feat: account change loading state by @lujakob in #2456fix: remove fixed height when no image available by @dylancom in #2527feat: add send screen amount field max balance error by @lujakob in #2447fix: change range label to min / max or equal by @reneaaron in #2508fix: reset now clears db tables by @fczuardi in #2445Updated Apps in Discover page by @AdarshRawat1 in #2411feat: Alby OAuth Connector by @pavanjoshi914 in #2399fix: use host from sender not message by @im-adithya in #2478fix: update account delete prompt by @reneaaron in #2535fix: move primary buttons above fold for smaller screen sizes by @reneaaron in #2536Added to website screen by @MoritzKa in #2548fix: add default for locale by @reneaaron in #2556feat: redeem-lnurl screen by @pavanjoshi914 in #2512fix: mnemonic auth to match LUD05 spec by @rolznz in #2561fix: add fetch adapter for btcpay server by @reneaaron in #2567fix: redeem LNURL for all connectors by @reneaaron in #2568feat: copy lightning address button in receive screen by @pavanjoshi914 in #2565feat: add avatar in accounts list, account settings and nostr settings by @pavanjoshi914 in #2571fix: remove signMessage from alby connector by @reneaaron in #2577fix: number formatting for range label by @reneaaron in #2579feat: add account detail pages header by @lujakob in #2538feat: Pinstr app to Nostr section by @AdarshRawat1 in #2433feat: nostr setup wizard by @reneaaron in #2589feat: added zappedit to nostr by @AdarshRawat1 in #2423feat: add default keyboard focus style by @dylancom in #2526fix: return to home when switching accounts by @reneaaron in #2481feat: disable autocomplete on other form fields by @pavanjoshi914 in #2595feat: publisher card ui by @reneaaron in #2592

Full Changelog: v2.1.1…v3.0.0

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