Alby Developer Portal Launched

“We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Alby Developer Portal to make building on bitcoin even faster.”The portal is designed to help developers: 1) get an overview of available components; 2) get started at your own pace; 3) learn which components fit together and are needed for your app.”If you have ideas to improve these libraries, APIs or the documentation around, let us know. We build for builders and are thankful for any feedback.”

What’s new

UI to create OAuth Clients. “You can connect Alby users to your app and outsource all things bitcoin to Alby: No node management or payment processing. Users can login to your app with Alby. Using the Alby Wallet API you can request limited access to their account, such as sending and receiving payments, reading balance, or decoding lightning invoices. Create the necessary credentials in your developer account.”UI to create Access Tokens. “An Access Token allows you to access your personal Alby account from your application with the Alby Wallet API and detailed access permissions. Just set the scope of your application, add an expiry date and create a token.”UI to create Webhooks. “Webhooks allow you to listen to incoming or outgoing payments from your Alby Account, receive instant notifications of payments and process them in your apps. How to process webhook is described in the API documentation.”Updated Alby JS SDK. “Do you want to integrate the Alby Wallet API or Nostr Wallet Connect into your app? The Alby JS SDK has you covered. You can create webhooks for your app’s users easily using the SDK and use it in pure HTML and JavaScript environments.”Updated Lightning Tools. Lightning Tools are a collection of highly useful and neutral tools for working with Lightning addresses, Boostagrams, Nostr Zaps, L402 for monetizing APIs, and more. They abstract away big parts of the complexity when handling bitcoin payments.”

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