85% of Whirlpool Users Are Using Self-Hosted Solutions

“On the 30th of September, 2023, Samourai Wallet initiated a pre-planned server maintenance phase. The scheduled downtime was initially pegged at two hours, starting from 13:00 UTC; however, due to unforeseen circumstances, Samourai later extended the downtime of their wallet server, including their self-hosted public node, to just under 10 hours.””The maintenance period acted as an unexpected quasi-experiment. With self-hosted Dojo users running Whirlpool without interruption, a unique opportunity arose to evaluate the volume of Whirlpool users dependent on Samourai’s self-hosted public node.””Whirlpool users’ continuing remixes without interruption constituted 85-90% of the total user base actively mixing before the downtime.””This data provides a transparent and verifiable metric, measuring the volume of Whirlpool users reliant on Samourai Wallet’s public node, a figure now confirmed to be a minority of only 10-15% of the Whirlpool community. Due to the public nature of the Bitcoin blockchain, anybody can verify the credibility of this data independently.”Whirlpool incoming liquidity chart – September 2023. Source: RoninDojo.“The overarching mission of Whirlpool is achieving complete decentralization. The next major milestone is eliminating the need for a centralized coordinator, perceived as Whirlpool’s last primary attack vector.”

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