83 BTC Transaction Fee Sets a New Record in Fiat Terms

The transaction mined in block 818087 moved over 139 BTC and paid a 83.7 BTC in fees, resulting in 55.77 BTC transferred.The transaction was mined by a KYC-only mining pool AntPool. After broadcasting the transaction, the user used RBF to increase the fee even further.The transaction was seen in the open mempool first, so anyone could have mined it, said mononaut.”They somehow failed to add a change output to send the remaining 83 BTC back to themselves.” Per mononaut, this is the largest Bitcoin transaction fee ever paid in dollar terms, surpassing PayPal/Paxos which paid ~20 BTC (~$0.5 million) fee a few months ago, but only 8th highest fee paid in terms of bitcoin.”The largest ever fee in Bitcoin terms was paid in this transaction in 2016, when someone fat-fingered a 291 BTC fee,” he added.

Here’s an absolute gem i found the other day:
The bitcoin-core walletcreatefundedpsbt rpc lets you pass in fee rate either with the “fee_rate” arg which is in s/vb or the feeRate argument which is s/kvb. The rust bitcoincore-rpc crate accepts fee_rate but encodes it as feeRate.

— Rijndael (@rot13maxi) November 23, 2023

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