83 BTC Fee Transaction Was a Cold Wallet Hack

“It was my BTC that paid the high fee. I created a new cold wallet, transferred 139BTC to it and it got transferred out to another wallet immediately,” posted a pseudonymous account on X on November 24, a day after the transaction took place. “I can only imagine that someone was running a script on that wallet and that the script had a weird fee calculation,” he added.The user also provided a signed message to confirm that they are the owner of the hacked wallet.The signed message was verified by several X users. @mononaut added that the message could have been signed by either the victim and the attacker.”Since the wallet is compromised, this message could have been signed by either the victim or attacker (or anyone else who brute-forced the bad entropy). If @AntPoolofficial returns the fee, they’ll need another way to verify the victim’s identity.”@niftynei stated that the account is indeed a victim and not the attacker. Others argued that signing a message from a related address would constitute more solid proof.The pseudonym said they have already spoken to Antpool and it remains to be seen whether the KYC mining pool decides to return the funds.No further details about the user’s cold wallet setup have been provided.

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