8-bit CPU for BitVM: Write BitVM Programs Without Learning Circuit Diagrams

“This project contains a boolean logic circuit that emulates a turing complete 8 bit cpu that can run in bitvm.””It also contains a debugger and state machine visualizer I wrote in bash, and an Assembly compiler someone else wrote in python, and which I modified.””Coders can now program bitvm in an Assembly language rather than having to manually craft ever more complex boolean logic circuits.”Try it here: https://supertestnet.github.io/8bit-cpu-for-bitvm/

Write your own assembly programs for BitVM!

Learn how: https://t.co/j4DHTjKtXQ

Tool to help: https://t.co/mX6PcSCrWZ https://t.co/fb6DmWPUbn

— CryptoPenguin Fundamentals (@CryptoPengFun) December 8, 2023

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