10101 v1.6.1: Public Beta Launch

“We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with you – as of today, 10101 is officially in Public Beta,” 10101 announced on stacker.news.”The Public Beta is a crucial step in refining our platform and ensuring it meets the diverse needs of users like you.”The app is available on Android and iOS but it is not available in the USA.”We have a Telegram channel to communicate with the community on our news, updates or even community events! Of course, our team is available in a support channel if you experience any difficulties or need any help with 10101.”


A fully fledged self-custodial lightning wallet built with LDK.Peer-to-Peer Perpetual Futures without counterparty risk powered by DLCs (Discreet Log Contracts).USDP : Usd-over-Lightning – no token, no issuer.Available on Android and iOS appstores (outside of the US) – APKs will ship soon.

GitHub Repo
Stacker.news Announcement

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