10101 iOS v1.2.5: Non-Custodial Synthetic USD Using DLCs on Lightning Network

“We released our V1.2.4 on iOS! Introducing self-custodial Synthetic USD using DLCs on the Lightning Network.””10 days ago, we teased our new feature on twitter with a Github link since we’re building 10101 app in public, and our code is FOSS.””In practice, you can now see your Lightning, On-chain balance and the new “synthetic-USD” balance.””Your stable position will be displayed with an expiry date and the corresponding sats amount in this tab and as a corresponding position in the ‘trade’ section of your app.””If you want to switch back to the classic sats balance, you just have to click on ‘Bitcoinize’ on the ‘stable’ tab or close the corresponding position in the ‘trade’ section of your app!””We need your feedback! We aim to enhance this first implementation of a fully self-custodial synthetic ‘stablecoin’ using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network!””If you want to learn more about synthetics using DLC, here’s an infographic about it. You can also check out this article on our blog.”

v1.2.5 of 10101 app also includes the following improvements:

Improve wallet sync speed by 100x (Use self-hosted esplora node).

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